10 Free Lightroom Presets Collection To Help You In Photography

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Free Haze Lightroom Presets

Cheers to The Designest Blog for making this Haze Lightroom Presets available for download. Before using Free Haze Lightroom Presets sure to check out the license with the author!

How’s your summer going? Even if traveling is unavailable for most of us this year, nothing stops you from searching for beauty and capturing the most beautiful moments. To make them more unique, you can try these free Lightroom presets, filled with tenderness and morning charm.

Black & Teal Lightroom Preset Ultimate Colour Grading

Black & Teal Lightroom created by foosie edits

Black & Teal Lightroom created by foosie edits


Is black your favourite color? 🖤 Then you will fall in love with this preset right away!

Bold. Edgy. Moody. Created for stylish minimalists, loved by Instagram influencers. Tan skin, increased whites, reduced yellow color. All that you need for a mind-blowing Instagram photo.

Free Hipster Lightroom Preset

Free Rustic Wedding Lightroom Preset

Free Lightroom Wedding Preset for a Rustic Look

Insta Blogger Mobile Desktop Lightroom Presets Free Download

his preset will work perfect on travels and vacations, portraits, fashion, lifestyle, landscape, creative photography, beach bloggers, lifestyle, holiday photos, children, portrait, family, wedding, travel, engagement and wedding sessions.

Free Russia Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets

Free Russia Lightroom Presets will add trendy soft, warm, beautiful, washed moody and unique color tones in your photographs just in few clicks! It work in a non-destructive way to achieve a high quality look. Russia filter will work perfect for fashion, lifestyle, beach, forest, blogger, architecture, influences, weddings, monuments, portraits, landscapes, travel, vacation, and great choice for almost any kind of photography.

Free Botanical Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Preset

Free Aruba Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Preset

Author:-Farhan Ahmad

Free Aruba Lightroom Preset will add soft warm, accent blue, turquoise, whitish tones and look super dreamy in your photographs within few clicks! It is well-balanced and perfect for an array of settings for indoor and outdoor photography, wedding photography, urban, portraits, fashion, travel photography, engagement, landscapes, weddings, architecture, food photography, lifestyle, and everything in between.

90 Free Lightroom Presets Bundle

90 free filters are perfect for many kind of photography. It can be very useful for photographers, graphic designers and fashion bloggers

Free Aged Film Lightroom Preset

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