Top 6 Removeddit Alternatives for 2024

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Removeddit is a popular website that allows users to view deleted or removed comments and posts on Reddit. However, it is not the only option available for accessing Reddit content that has been taken down by moderators or users. In this article, we will explore the top 6 Removeddit alternatives for 2024 that you can try.


Review removed content on Reddit. Uses the Pushshift API, built on code from removeddit. is a site for reviewing removed content on reddit users, subreddit, and thread pages. Visit any<username> or<subreddit> page and add ve to the URL to see recently removed content,


An alternative private front-end to Reddit

  • 🚀 Fast: written in Rust for blazing-fast speeds and memory safety
  • ☁️ Light: no JavaScript, no ads, no tracking, no bloat
  • 🕵 Private: all requests are proxied through the server, including media
  • 🔒 Secure: strong Content Security Policy prevents browser requests to Reddit


An extension that notifies you of removed content on Reddit.

This extension can be installed directly via Chrome or Firefox:


A (toy) C compiler is written in Rust.


Currently, rustcc supports the following features:

  • Unary operators (logical negation, bitwise complements, negation)
  • Binary operators (basic arithmetic, bitwise operations, comparisons)
  • Local variables (assignment, declaration, variable calling, postfix, and prefix incrementing)
  • If-else branching
  • Ternary operator
  • While loops, do-while loops, for loops, break, continue
  • Function calling and creation

As of now, rustcc only supports variables of type int.


Web / REST interface for downloading youtube videos onto a server.


ReSavr: ReSavr is another alternative to Removeddit that allows you to view deleted Reddit posts and comments. It also offers a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox.

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