Top Programming Languages To Learn in 2020

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In this article, I will provide you with my opinion on the top programming languages for beginners to learn in 2019. Whether you’re interested in web development, mobile development, data science, machine learning I’ve got you covered.


Top Programming Languages To Learn

It is a very simple language that’s why experts say that its the language that is best for beginners to start programming with. Python has been utilized by many industries that are big Google, NASA, etc.

A python that is senior can quickly earn a lot more  The {key|main} reason behind a great deal high payment of python is because the specialist of this language is needed by all the tech that is major. According to the TIOBE ranking, Python is on the place that is 5th terms of the number of queries in the main search engines. In the past 5 years, this language indicates a growth rate that is highest.


Top Programming Languages To Learn

It is the top language used by developers according to GitHub stats. This language is among the three backbone languages of the worldwide web.

 Online businesses and startups are using Javascript extensively in their web or mobile applications and that’s why the good-paying jobs are in plenty for Javascript developers.

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Top Programming Languages To Learn

The next best top programming language is java. It’s one of the most popular languages that are used by developers. This language was produced by Oracle and truly learns there are many than 3 billion devices that run on Java. It truly is basically present every-where nowadays.

It may be also utilized for desktop and also web development, but its format is a little much more complicated than Python and JavaScript and it is a little much more difficult to learn.


One of the most widely used top programming languages is to learn C++. It has been used for a long time for designing games due to it’s fast execution time. It is among the languages which have the fastest execution time, also it is definitely required for a programmer to be called as a developer to understand this language.

C++ is most widely known as an efficient language used for developing large desktop apps. It is very dependable and popular as well. Information on C++ is required in almost every job listed on Google related to Software Engineering.


It is pronounced as C Sharp. It has become famous because of programmers using tools created by Microsoft. The language was developed by Microsoft as well. In the community of programmers, C# is famous because of its simplicity and efficiency.


  • C# makes use of virtually comparable syntax which follows by C so it simple to grasp for many who know C language
  • Simple Integration with Windows
  • Totally built-in with the .NET library which provides access to a repository of performance and help.
  • Safer than its namesakes (C/++) as pointer types are usually not permitted


The C# language is case-sensitive.  You may have the variables dateofbirth, dateOfBirth, and DateOfBirth all on the identical time. This will extra time trigger confusion, in case you are not cautious.

C# wouldn’t be the perfect programming language for newcomers to begin programming with (C# is an extra difficult syntax)

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