Advance Your AI Image Generation with txt2imghd(Github)

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txt2imghd is a port of the GOBIG mode from progrockdiffusion applied to Stable Diffusion, with Real-ESRGAN as the upscaler. It creates detailed, higher-resolution images by first generating an image from a prompt, upscaling it, and then running img2img on smaller pieces of the upscaled image, and blending the result back into the original image.

txt2imghd with default settings has the same VRAM requirements as regular Stable Diffusion, although generation of the detailed images will take longer.


  1. Have a working repository of Stable Diffusion
  2. Copy into scripts/
  3. Download the appropriate release of Real-ESRGAN (the respective realesrgan-ncnn-vulkan .zip for your OS) and unzip it into the root of your Stable Diffusion repository


Links :- Try Replicate web demo here:
Sourse :- GithubReplicate