AI Innovation Starts Here: Kandinsky 2.2 on GitHub and Replicate

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Kandinsky 2.2’s multilingual text2image prowess on GitHub, and replicate its brilliance with Replicate. Fuel your AI development journey with this exceptional model.

Kandinsky 2 — multilingual text2image latent diffusion model

1. Example Of Kandinsky

Prompt:- A moss-covered astronaut floating through a vibrant nebula, 4K resolution, hyperrealistic, surreal lighting

2. Example Of Kandinsky

Prompt:- A scientist working in a futuristic laboratory, her face illuminated by the glow of her research, conveying intelligence and curiosity, rendered in a cyberpunk style with neon accents.

3. Example Of Kandinsky

Prompt:- A portrait of a cyberpunk woman with neon lights reflecting in her cybernetic eyes, 8K resolution, futuristic, dark urban setting

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