Rabbit R1: The Smartphone Killer? AI Companion for $199 (No Apps!)

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The Rabbit R1 is a pocket-sized, bright orange AI companion that aims to replace your smartphone. It lacks traditional apps, instead using powerful AI called Lamb to understand natural language and complete tasks for you, from booking flights to editing photos. Think of it as a smarter, and more focused assistant than what’s on your phone, packed into a unique retro-modern design.

key features of the Rabbit R1

Powered by Large Action Model (LAM):

  • Understands human intention and context beyond just keywords.
  • Learns individual user preferences and adapts responses accordingly.
  • Interacts with apps and services directly, no need for APIs or complicated setups.
  • Completes tasks in a virtual environment on the cloud, reducing local processing demands.
  • Capable of handling complex tasks like image editing and video streaming.

Rabbit OS Interface:

  • Natural language interaction instead of app-driven interfaces.
  • Voice commands and touch interface for control.
  • Long-term memory of user interactions for contextual understanding.

The Rabbit Hole Web Portal:

  • Manage connected apps and permissions.
  • Access device settings and personal information.
  • View past interactions, conversations, and reports.
  • Connect existing accounts for seamless integration.

Additional Features:

  • 360° rotational eye camera.
  • Analog scroll wheel for navigation.
  • Personalized AI assistant (“rabbit”) creation through teach mode.
  • Secure cloud environment for data and app execution.
  • Monetization options for user-created AI assistants.
Image by rabbit.tech
Rabbit R1
Image by rabbit.tech

specifications of the Rabbit R1!

  • Size and weight: Compact and lightweight design for easy portability.
  • Battery life: 500 cycles with minimal degradation, implying decent long-term performance.
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 4G LTE for versatile access to data and networks.
  • Display: Touchscreen interface for interacting with the Rabbit OS and its features.
  • Processor and memory: MediaTek Helio P35 chip combined with 4GB RAM for smooth operation.
  • Storage: 128GB for storing apps, data, and user-created AI assistants.
  • Location and sensors: GPS, magnetometer, accelerometer, and gyroscope for navigation and awareness.
  • Camera and video: 8MP camera for capturing photos and videos, with 1080p video recording capability.
  • Additional features: Expandable storage via USB-C and an unlocked SIM card slot for potential additional functionality.
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