10+ React Hooks Example That Every Pro React Developer Should Know

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Who doesn’t love Github? It’s home to thousands of developers and open-source projects. To get a better understanding of the power and flexibility of React Hooks, we have 10 React Hooks Example examples from their excellent documentation.

1. React hooks for async communication


React hooks for async communication


The two most important exports of this module are:


const [state, setState, getState] = useRefState();

This hook can be used to interact with the current state of the component from a process spawned from an old render cycle.

async () => {
    const fresh = getState();


// Sends a message for a render cycle in the future to respond to
export function useFuture<A, B>(): [undefined | ((f: (a: A) => B) => void), (a: A) => Promise<B>];


const [respond, message] = useFuture();

This hook can be used to send a message which will force a re-render and will await for a future cycle to respond.

async () => {
    await message(cycle);
    { respond &&
        <Responder onClick={() => alert(`handled message from cycle: ${respond()}`)} />

2. React Hooks app to calculate the BMI of a person

React Hooks app to calculate the BMI of a person. It can store the data for 7 days with the help of LocalStorage.

Created with create-react-app. See the full create-react-app guide.


npm install


npm start


  1. Removing the dependency of the Materialize-CSS module

2. Chart going crazy on hovering over the old points

3. React hook for OpenAI Whisper with speech recorder, real-time transcription


React Hook for OpenAI Whisper API with speech recorder, real-time transcription and silence removal built-in

  • AnnouncementuseWhisper for React Native is being developed.

Repository: https://github.com/chengsokdara/use-whisper-native

Progress: chengsokdara/use-whisper-native#1

  • Install
npm i @chengsokdara/use-whisper
yarn add @chengsokdara/use-whisper

4. React hook to detect component mount, unmount and re-renders

See Demo


npm i use-is-rerender --save
yarn add use-is-rerender


import { useRerender } from 'use-is-rerender'

const Button = () => {
  return <button>Click</button>

Available hook options

OptionAcceptable ValuesDetails
logPropstrue (default)falseCan disable props logging

Production mode

Hook not working when NODE_ENV==='production'

Read More

React Performance

5. A React.js CRUD app using Redux Toolkit and RTK Query hooks

Build a CRUD App with React.js and Redux Toolkit

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll build a React.js CRUD app using Redux Toolkit and RTK Query hooks. In brief, we’ll create RTK Query hooks that React will use to perform CRUD operations against a REST API.

Topics Covered

  • Run the React Redux Toolkit App Locally
  • Run a Django API with the React App
  • Setup the React Project with Tailwind CSS
    • Scaffold the React Project
    • Add Tailwind CSS
  • Create the CRUD API Slice with RTK Query
  • Add the CRUD API Slice to the Redux Store
  • Create Reusable React Components
  • Implement the CRUD Functionalities
    • CREATE Operation
    • UPDATE Operation
    • DELETE Operation
    • READ Operation
  • Test the React CRUD App
    • Perform the CREATE Functionality
    • Perform the UPDATE Functionality
    • Perform the READ Functionality
    • Perform the DELETE Functionality

Read the entire article here: https://codevoweb.com/build-crud-app-with-reactjs-and-redux-toolkit/

6. React hook for logging per component lifecycle


  • 🪶 Lightweight — under 1.5 kB gzipped & minified
  • 🗂️ Typed — made with TypeScript, shipped with types
  • 🥰 Simple — don’t worry about any changes in your props & state
  • 🔧 Customizable — able to change everything you see in the logs
  • 🔬 Tested — up to 💯% unit test coverage
  • 🏎️ Fast — native react hooks & optimized
  • 📭 No dependecies

7. React-persist-store

⚡ A persistent state management library for React. Create your own hooks that share data across components

Create your own hooks that share state. Initialise your store with default values and use an API that infers type information for you.


  • Persistence: data is serialized and persisted to local storage by default, and hydrated automatically
  • Type safety: full TypeScript integration with type inference from default values
  • Reactive design: state updates are shared across components
  • Simplicity: does not require any component wrapping, or use of other abstractions such as the Context API

Getting Started

At a high level, it is generally suggested to create a store.ts file in which you set up your exported hook functions. Then these can be imported and used in components.


Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.

8. Simple but well styled Calculator made by using hooks



MIBO UIkit is a set of React components and hooks used to build pages on MIBO’s apps. It also contains a theme file for dark and light mode.


yarn add @miboplatform/uikit



Before using MIBO UIkit, you need to provide the theme file to styled-component.

import { ThemeProvider } from 'styled-components'
import { light, dark } from '@miboplatform/uikit'
<ThemeProvider theme={isDark}>...</ThemeProvider>


A reset CSS is available as a globally styled component.

import { ResetCSS } from '@miboplatform/uikit'
<ResetCSS />


This project is built with Typescript and exports all the relevant types.

9. React hook for entering a PIN code


// with npm
npm install --save react-pin-input-hook

// with yarn
yarn add react-pin-input-hook

10. Todo List App Using React and Styled Components

A TODO List React JS Project using React Hooks and Styled Components.

Local Setup

  1. Clone the Repository using the following command: git clone https://github.com/tndungu/TodoListApp.git
  2. Open the Repository using your favorite text editor. I use Visual Studio Code as a personal preference.
  3. Open terminal and run the following: npm install
  4. Run the project using npm start. This will open the project in http://localhost:3000


11. Calculator made in React.JS using Hooks as useReducer



  • Essa é uma calculadora feita em React utilizando Hooks como useReducer
  • A sua origem vem do vídeo “The Perfect Beginner React Project” do YouTuber “Web Dev Simplified
  • O objetivo desse repositório é uma refatoração do código funcional e também a adição de testes unitários


  • React.JS (17)
  • Vite (2.7)

GitHub Pages

  • Você pode ver a aplicação em funcionamento aqui.


12. Nodes-navigation-focus

nodes-navigation-focus is a JS library which automates the focus moviment in the screen.

The library uses the react-hooks to manipulate the DOM and recieve and return infomation about the state of the element.



Install nodes-navigation-focus with npm

  npm install nodes-navigation-focus


  • Manage state of DOM elements
  • Move focus state of a complex layout structure
  • Allows you recive informartion about the elemenet that is currently focused

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